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My Design Process

My goal is to always provide the highest quality product to my customers. I definitely go above and beyond other drill and visual designers, sometimes to an obsessive extent.


Every part of what you see has been optimized and tuned to showcase your band or group in a way that demonstrates exactly what is possible with your musical and visual package.


Music is the driving force behind our activity. Ensuring the musical choices are suitable to the field or the floor is a big part of what we do. This is why I ask to be included as early in the design process as possible.


Some music sounds exciting and energetic, but may have a tempo that's too slow for creating the effects needed to represent it visually. I can offer advice and tips on ways to adjust the musical selections quickly and easily to achieve the best results possible.

sheet music
sound editor with spectrum analyzer view

I import all the audio files from your show music into Adobe Audition and add various filters and effects to match the sound of a band playing in an actual stadium. I also master the audio to sound fuller to match what you see in the drill and visual design.

design process of taking textures of band uniform for 3D rendering in Pyware

Pyware RealView

Pyware's RealView is an incredibly important part of my design process. Having the ability to import your uniform, guard costume, props, and flags goes a long way in visualizing how all the various parts of the design will fit together.


I take it all into account, from the elevation of the press box to the color on the front of the uniform versus the back. No detail will not be considered while writing your marching band's drill.

photos og color guard flags

I can import any flag pattern into the Pyware RealView animations. This can be useful for deciding on colors and patterns to use before buying your show  silks.

Discounts on Entire StylePLUS Catalog

I am a Certified StylePLUS dealer and I use this as a way for my customers to take advantage of my pricing on all their products.


StylePLUS has a massive range or flags, costumes, accessories, and equipment for your color guard or marching band. They even do custom flag design and digital printing.


Just call, text, or email me to get a quote on pricing!

style plus logo
style plus catalog

Click on the Image Above to Access the StylePLUS Catalog.

Viewing And Teaching Drill

Having a beautiful drill video is only useful if you have a way to get that drill into the hands of your students and/or performers, so I go to great lengths to ensure teaching the final product is quick, easy, and fun.


As standard, you will get all the drill charts and student coordinate cards sent in PDF files, but there's a few other options out there to leverage technology to assist in teaching and cleaning your show.


Pyware 3D Viewer App

Ultimate Drill Book has worked with Pyware to seamlessly integrate Pyware3D into their mobile app. In addition to being able to learn and clean drill, you can also integrate your sheet music into the app for your students to reference on the field.


Once your UDB account is setup your students simply login and all the drill is right there. No printing charts and coordinates.  I can also push updates to drill directly to your group without needing to print out hundreds of new pages for a simple change!

The Pyware 3D Viewer App allows you to scan a simple QR code that I provide with each drill and it will download the drill file automatically.


Once downloaded, you can view the animations and check coordinates for individual performers to clean and teach drill fast.


Students can also use the app to learn their drill and see direction changes and step sizes between drill sets.

Click The Images Below to Learn More!

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u d b shown on iphone pyware mobile app shown on phone and tablet

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